Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baju Kurung Kain Batik

It has a soft material and designated for baju kurung, baju kurung moden or even kebaya. I comes along with kain batik bunga tegak as well as a selendang match with the kain. We have several colors for your choice.

Product code: KB 01

Price: RM85

Colors: Hijau Pucuk Rebung (1), Hijau Lumut (1), Pink (1)

Kurung Moden Sulam 03

The material for this product is soft and comfortable to wear. It has a live looking sulaman on it. It comes along with a lovely kain batik bunga tegak and a selendang match with the kain batik.

Product code: KLS 02

Price: RM 150

Colors: Black (2), Pink (1)

Kurung Moden Sulam 02

This product has a lovely finishing on its sulaman. It designated for baju kurung moden. It comes along with kain batik bunga tegak.

Product code: SML 01

Price: RM 135

Colors: Orange (2), Green (1)

Material : Cotton

Kurung Moden Sulam 01

This lovely ready made kain sulam is designated as a baju kurung moden. It has a fine sulam on it and we have several colors for your choice. It comes along with a lovely kain batik jawa.

Product code: SMB 01

Price: RM 135

Color: Brown (2), Light Orange (1), Maroon (2), Purple (1), Pink (2)

Material: Cotton

Kebaya Sulam Goyang

This Kebaya called Kebaya Sulam Goyang by the local indonesian. The sulam has much beautiful structure and it much tidy as compared to the other sulam.

Prodouct Code: SG 01

Price: RM 160

Color: Black

Material: Chiffon

Quantity: 3

Monday, February 22, 2010

Salam 1 Malaysia

Hye everyone. Its an honor for me to introduce you Sulaman Avenue for the first time. Basically, this blog will be selling goods such as Kain Kebaya Sulam, Kain Kurung Sulam, Kain Lace, Kain ela and many sort of kain imported from Indonesia. Promotion stock will be post anytime soon. Thank You for your kindness and we from Sulaman Avenue is looking forward to provide you with the goods that will definitely fulfill your needs. Salam.